About Us

The Aruba Animal Shelter has just one goal. To improve the life of Aruba’s pets. We do this by taking in as much unwanted animals as we can and give them the care and attention, love, affection and medical attention, that they need. We also talk to the people that bring in animals they don’t want anymore and ask them what the problems are and talk to them about the solutions.

Most of the animals that are killed every year are puppy’s and kittens so one the main focuses of the Animal Shelter is getting people to spay or neuter their animals so there won’t be so many to kill.

All the animals that are adopted and 6 months old or older are spayed or neutered before they leave the shelter. The puppy’s and kittens get papers so when the reach the age of 6 months the new owners can have them spayed or neutered for free.

Old and incurably sick animals are put to sleep every day. It is the task of the volunteers to go to the death cages and select who lives and who doesn’t, this is one of the hardest things we have to do, but by giving the people that adopt a pet information about the most common diseases and urging them to take their pet to the vet as soon as they notice something is wrong we hope the number of incurably sick animals will go down as well as the number of unwanted (baby) animals.