Basic Tips

Provide for the basics

Fresh water should always be available to the animal

We recommend commercial food of a trusted,well known brand once or twice daily. Dry food is more economical and hygienic, whereas moist foods are tastier but more expensive.

The dog should have shelter from the sun, rain and to much wind.


It is important to prevent diseases. On Aruba this means :

Yearly vaccinations [against 7 diseases]

Giving your dog a heartworm pill once a month

Treat against ticks and fleas as needed

As in dogs [see above] with these exceptions :

Very important : keep your puppy clean and avoid contact with other dogs until he has been well vaccinated [see below]

You need to feed puppies 3 times per day and we recommend puppiefood until the age of 6 months minimum.


Puppies need 4 vaccinations at the age of  6 weeks, 9 weeks, 12 weeks and 14 weeks

It is a misconception that you can not wash puppies. On the contrary :it is good to wash  and keep your dog free of ticks and fleas. Take care however to rince and dry these little fellows.

Dogs are social animals so play with them, take them for a walk

If you need to tie him to prevent him from roaming the streets use a long line.We prefer a fenced – in garden.

Always put  an ID – tag on his collar, stating name and phonenumber.

Taking good care of your new cat means :

Keep the cat at least the first week inside

Providing food and fresh water at least twice daily

Vaccinating yearly, check for fleas and deworm regularly
Cats are basically solitary animals that will stick to their territory,rather than to their “master”

 Take your Kat / Dog  to a vet, when he/she is sick e.g. not eating, loosing weight

Don’t forget too Spay & Neuter your puppy or kitten  at the age between 5 – 6 month old.







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